Foodie cafe is Moving!  Last day at 102 Fountain street on 6/30/18!  July 9 Open on our Trailer at the Commuter rail! Corner of Route 126 and 135!!

Welcome to the Foodie Cafe. Belly Up to the counter and become a Foodie Reward Member! See associate for details!. No matter what your Foodie cravings are, we are here to satisfy them. If you desire catering, custom cakes, artisan sandwiches, breakfast comfort foods, homemade soups, cooking classes or a combination of all our services we are here for you. Whatever your desires are, the Foodie Café is ready to be of service. Call Alicia or David anytime.

Foodie Cafe is the proud sponsor of Daniel's Table. Please visit Daniel's table website to see our food program! Sincerest thanks!

Foodie Cafe

10 Pearl Street,,

Framingham, MA 01702

Phone. 508-309-7349